Growing up in a business minded family, Justin Daniels was no stranger to entrepreneurship. While working in the family business, Justin realized there was a need for something different in St. John’s and in the adult toy industry in general. He decided it was time to change the misconceptions and stereotypes people had about shopping at a "sex store".

Today, Our Pleasure sits at the forefront of the adult toy industry providing a shopping experience like no other. Although we have grown in size, our ideals remain the same. Our continual commitment to providing the highest quality products and services ensure that we exceed expectations, enabling our customers to shop in an open, honest and friendly environment.

By offering a comfortable shopping experience, educated staff and top quality products, Our Pleasure provides its customers with the means to make empowered choices regarding their sexual health.

Our Mission

Each day, we strive to surpass the expectations of our customers.  We achieve this by being passionate about ways to educate our customers about their sexual health – being their confidant, understanding their needs, providing educated advice and suggesting the right product for the right person.

Value Statement

Being part of a winning team: Our Pleasure fosters leadership at all levels. We celebrate successes achieved through hard work and by creating a vibrant, fun and motivated environment. Our staff thrive on being counted upon and counting on each other. Their input and happiness is essential to our success.

Honor: Confidentiality is an integral part of the shopping experience we offer our customers. Being worthy of our customers trust, of our teams trust, and always seeking to do the right thing are a part of our daily operations at Our Pleasure.

Focus and Agility: We take pride in being proactive, in our forward thinking and our readiness to embrace new opportunities in our industry. Learning and adapting quickly to our customers needs as they change is an important part of this process.

Rich Communication: We communicate with our suppliers, our team and with our customers, regularly and in the spirit of openness. Listening carefully, always striving to be accurate, measuring and sharing results, and communicating in a way that’s organized, meaningful and relevant to our customers.

Our Reputation: Our Pleasure has built its reputation over years of listening, adapting, caring and hard work. We honor our history and value our future by always being recognized as a company which sets new standards and lives by our word.